Does Your Retailer...?

Have you ever had a problem with your outdoor power equipment?
Of course you have, everyone has! The real question is...
Did your retailer help you when you had that problem?

1. Is your retailer owned by a local family who is involved in the daily operation of the business?
Ours is! We are a local family that That has been serving our community since 1989. We are available to help you with any problem, at any time.

2. Does your retailer have a parts and service department?
We have an in-house parts and service department to take care of you after the initial sale.

3. Does your retailer offer you special service incentives for purchasing equipment from them?
We do! On that piece of equipment, we will give you quicker turnaround repair times and other special offers.

4. Does your retailer's service department have over 75 years combined experience?
Ours does! Our service manager and technicians can diagnose problems quickly and accurately to minimize your downtime. Why not let this experience work for you?

5. Does your retailer have competent technicians?
We have the best! All of our technicians are factory trained and certified which ensures that your equipment is repaired correctly.

6. Do you find it hard to find parts for your equipment?
We have an in-house parts department that is fully stocked with fast moving common parts. We can also access the hard to find less common parts to keep your equipment running. If we do not have a particular item in stock, our experienced parts technicians do their best to get it for you in the shortest amount of time possible.

7. Are you convinced your retailer is willing to look out for your best interest whether within the warranty period or beyond?
We pride ourselves in providing our customers with unparalleled warranty and policy support from the manufacturers. We go to bat for you to reduce your cost of ownership! We have a person dedicated to product support issues to provide you with the level of support you deserve.

8. Is your retailer a one-stop shop?

We offer the complete package with sales, parts, service and warranty.