• Spark plugs should be serviced every 100 hours or at least once per season for optimum performance. When servicing, the plugs should be inspected for damage, cleaned, the proper gap set, and reinstalled. Damaged spark plugs should be replaced.
  • Always replace the sprocket and chain when using a new chainsaw bar.
  • To order the correct carburetor, you must know the number stamped onto your carburetor.
  • Starter Rope: Use #3 & #3 1/2 rope for trimmers and small 2-cycle engines. Use #4 & #4 1/2 rope for chain saws and larger 2-cycle engines. Use #4 1/2, #5 & #5 1/2 rope for 4-cycle push mower engines. Use # 6 & #7 rope for larger 4-cycle engines.
  • Always follow recommended safety instructions when using all types of outdoor power equipment.

****** The single most damaging thing to all small engines is the ethanol that comes in our gasoline. Ethanol eats plastic, which causes the fuel lines to deteriorate, it gums up carburetors, and causes the fuel to burn unevenly which damages the engine. Always use fuel treatment, here at Ten Little Engines we recommend "Ethanol Shield" and one 4oz bottle which costs $9.95 treats up to 40 gallons. Ethanol shield makes the fuel burn evenly, removes water, stabilizes the fuel and coats the internal parts of the engine. For $10 there is nothing you can do better for your small engine. Gasoline starts to go bad after just 3-4 weeks so whenever your equipment is out of service for any period of time make sure it is treated with Ethanol Shield to reduce your future repair costs.

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